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NIDCO holds the exclusive rights to distributing RejuvaSeal since 2011. This new technology prolongs lifecycle of asphalt pavements and considerably decreases the maintenance costs. Overwhelming empirical evidence proves that lifecycle costs of pavement can be reduced by up to 67% by proper protection and rejuvenation.


Asphalt is an organic material and is thus susceptible to the actions of nature. From the day it is placed, asphalt pavements begin to deteriorate.

•Air, water and ultraviolet rays from sun cause the surface to oxidize

•Chemical contaminants further accelerate erosion

•Small cracks create with loss of bitumen and aging

•Small cracks allow water and air causing further damage

•Larger cracks develop eventually leading to structural failure


•doing more with less

•achieving results without expensive equipment or costly operations

•avoiding serious traffic jams


Rejuvaseal is designed to seal and penetrate into asphalt pavements where it reduces viscosity, increases penetration and ductility without changing the coefficient of friction. The product represents three component refined bitumen based sealer. It also prevents the leakage of water, seals pavements and provides a pleasing aesthetic black surface.

• represents three component refined bitumen based sealer rejuvenator

• works by replacing oil lost by oxidation

• maintains consistent temperature with road surface

• has 3 year warranty

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