Asphalt is an organic material and is thus susceptible to the actions of nature. From the day it is placed, asphalt pavements begin to deteriorate. Air, water and ultraviolet rays from the sun cause the surface to oxidize.

In Stage 1, oxidization leads to loss of bitumen, the oily resinous fraction of the hydrocarbon molecules. The loss of bitumen leads to increased viscosity and decreased ductility. Water and other harmful contaminants begin to erode the asphalt pavement.

If left untreated, small cracks begin to develop in Stage 2. These cracks allow air and water to further damage the binder leading to loss of fines, larger cracks and water seepage.

Eventually, the pavement will deteriorate to the point that it loses its structural capabilities. If proper maintenance is not taken before Stage Three, high costs of re-paving or reconstructing are likely to result.

By understanding the life cycle of asphalt and how roadways deteriorate, roadway managers can save substantial repair costs by taking preventive maintenance measures before irreversible damage occurs.

RejuvaSeal is a revolutionary three component asphalt rejuvenator thats designed to reverse the aging process of asphalt pavements and consequently prolong service life.

RejuvaSeal works by penetrating pavement surfaces and restoring the chemical imbalances found in aging asphalt. This process dramatically reduces viscosity and brittleness while increasing ductility and flexibility.

During thermal cycles, RejuvaSeal contracts and expands at the same rate as the asphalt that its applied on. In comparison, refined bitumen emulsions and other seal coats simply lay on the surface and undergo a markedly differing expansion and contraction rate. This eventually leads to cracking, pin-holing and delamination.

RejuvaSeal does not suffer from these problems; through penetration, it becomes an integral part of the asphalt. The asphalts surface structure remains unchanged meaning grooved runways or roads do not have to be re-grooved, nor is PFC asphalt degraded.

In addition to its ability to rejuvenate, RejuvaSeal is a very effective sealer. Its unique sealing characteristics protects treated surfaces from contaminants such as fuel, water, and other chemical substances.

Applications made every four to five years have been proven to extend the life of asphalt pavements significantly and thus reduce life-cycle costs.