NIDCO owns the exclusive rights to RejuvaSeal distribution in the region of former Soviet Union countries. Our mission is to revolutionize conventional asphalt maintenance practices by popularizing/offering new solution RejuvaSeal most innovative asphalt rejuvenator used in revitalizing, sealing and protecting asphalt paved roadways and highways. We believe that our revolutionary product will enable both private companies and government entities to develop high quality, durable transport infrastructure with minimal costs. RejuvaSeal is product of multipurpose use. It can be used to revitalize streets paved with asphalt, airport runways, parking lots and garages, highways, etc.

NIDCO management team is comprised of highly skilled professionals from across countries with representations in US, Europe and Asia. The team leverages its members know-how and experiences in the fields of asphalt maintenance, infrastructure development and consulting.

NIDCO is focusing its efforts to popularize RejuvaSeal in former USSR countries, however we encourage every interested individual to contact us.